Home Seller and Home Buyer ADVOCATE Barry Miller is one of those persons who somehow is a born and/or a trained leader who so cares for every Person’s welfare that he has always been known as Busy and BIG-Hearted. From a young age, Barry has always committed to combine his high level financial knowledge with the needs of Consumers. Yes, he is known as The Father of Home Buyer Representation because he, far more than anyone else, brought into existence the business model of Home Buyer’s actually having one of the real estate agents in the home Transaction fully represent the Home Buyer. [Prior to 1982 in ALL 50 States, NO Home Buyer had representation as the system since the 1800’s ONLY gave Seller’s representation. Barry has changed ALL that one-sided business model. Barry knew in the 1980’s and he knows today that a Real Estate Agent can NOT serve two Masters.]

In the Weekly Segment of The Barry and Larry Shows – Your Real Estate Gurus and Friends we are so fortunate to receive professional and expert insights into the most basic and the most important aspects of our Home Selling and/or our Home Buying Process. Barry both challenges us while at the same time entertains us with insights that we can actually use in our own Home Sales and Home Purchases.