The 10 Savvy Steps to Your Home Buying Success,

Including Quick-Info Videos

1. To buy or not to buy? Are you ready?

Make a list of reasons you want to buy. List items that must be met before you agree to buy. Prioritize your top three benefits for buying.

2. Choose your best home buyer’s agent

Have interview questions to match your top three reasons. Interview at least 2 good, BEST buyer agent specialists. Have a unilateral termination clause in your contract.

3. Prepare to Shop

Create a "Wish List." Research and develop a plan with your agent. Your agent should treat all houses equally (FSBOs, off-market listings, expired listings, etc.)


Be ready! Take your checkbook, have questions in hand and act quickly (in today's marketplace). Take a camera, ask questions, name the houses. Obtain a full CMA from Agent if you are considering the house.

6. Present / Negotiate Your Offer

Strategize and have simple, quick back-up plans. Give your Agent much latitude to move quickly. Your Agent should be VERY accessible.

7. Your Road to Closing

Keep a list of items to be completed early in the process. Prioritize and understand the time sensitive steps to closing. Have limits on amendments.

8. Prepare for Closing

3 Days ahead you actual figures. Decide which of "50" + "10" documents you want to review. Read your documents, ask questions.

10. Settling In

In the first days, test everything! Report any problems to agent. Await deed, Title insurance policy; file them! Make good filing place for all of these and future documents.

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