Our Consumer Guy, Larry Stanley, has purchased 11 Homes and sold 10 of them. Each of these Properties was the Stanley-Family primary residence where Larry’s Family resided. These were in 7 different States…the two most recent Homes in the Colorado Springs area.

Larry is NOT a real estate licensed Broker and never has been one of these. Larry is not intending of ever being one of these either. Larry is a successful finance officer of large Companies and also Larry is an experienced Consumer who admits having made most of the major mistakes, and many of the smaller mistakes, that we Home Sellers and Home Buyers continue to make. Larry has learned from The Barry and Larry Shows that Information is King and that Information is what we Consumers need to be safe and to be properly protected.

Larry’s Weekly VIEW on The Barry and Larry Shows – Your Real Estate Gurus and Friends tells us practical tips and other good information that we can use in our own Home Sales and Home Purchases.