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These “steps” are just scratching the surface. Get the detailed info behind each of these so you can become a savvy investor.

4 Big Myths for Real Estate Investors

I. You can do it on your own.

II. You need “millions of dollars” to start.

III. You should purchase close to your home.

IV. Real Estate investing is risky.

In my purchase of 11 primary residences and 10 sales thereof I’ve PERSONALLY made just about ALL these mistakes and more! I do NOT want YOU to make any of these mistakes like I did!

Larry Stanley

on Real Estate Investment

The BIG Mistakes Residential Real Estate Investors Make


  • Only purchasing near your home
  • Not using thorough DATA to make informed investing decisions
  • Not selecting the best team of advisors
  • Not fitting the investments into your objectives
  • Not partnering with Vesterra Hot Spots 🙂 

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