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Ten Steps for Savvy Home Buyers

To Buy or Not to Buy… Are you Ready?

Decide 2 or more months in advance

Choose Your Buyer's Agent

Interview at least 2 agents!

Prepare to Shop

Do your research

Shop, Shop, Shop

Obtain a full CMA

Prepare, Package and Position Each Offer

Make more than one offer

Present and Negotiate Each Offer

Strategize and have simple, quick back-up plans

The Road to Closing

Have a list of amendments

Prepare for Closing

Have a back-up plan


The Closing

Keep seller agent away

“Welcome Home!” (Post Closing – Possession)

Test Everything right away & Report to your agent any findings and ENJOY YOUR NEW HOME.

These “steps” are just scratching the surface. Get the detailed info behind each of these so you can become a Savvy Buyer.

3 Big Myths for Home Buyers


I. Commissions are NOT negotiable.

II. Real Estate Buyer Agency Contracts must be 6-months or more in length.

III. The Buyer Agency Contract cannot be Terminated by YOU.

Buying a home should NOT be painful! The injustices done to consumers by Buyer’s Agents is undeniably despicable (and actually illegal)!

Barry M. Miller

on "Traditional" Buyers Agents

The 5 BIGGEST Mistakes Home Buyers Make

* And should NOT ever make again; EVER!

  1. NOT carefully selecting/hiring the BEST REAL ESTATE BUYER AGENT FOR YOU.
  2. NOT carefully selecting/hiring the Best Lender for YOU.
  3. NOT detailing YOUR “Must-Haves”, Wants, Needs and “Must-NOT-Haves” as a Home Buyer.
  4. NOT meeting YOUR financial objectives / exceeding YOUR financial comfort level as a Home Buyer.
  5. NOT sufficiently researching the neighborhood to which you will be moving.

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