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Ten Steps for Savvy Home Sellers

To Sell or Not to Sell… Are you Ready?

Decide 2 or more months in advance

Choose Your Seller's Agent

Interview at least 3 agents

What is your Home Worth?

Don’t use Zillow or other sources of erroneous data

Get Your Home "Show Ready"

Get Your Home fully Inspected early on

Market Your Home

You and Your Agent should prepare a Marketing Plan

Review Each Offer

Outline a Plan and Strategy for reviewing each Offer

Contract Negotiations

Empower Your Agent & Keep Communications Strong

Prepare for Closing

Have a back-up plan

The Closing

Prepare for buyer walkthrough & moving out

Post Closing

Hand the keys over to the New Owner!

These “steps” are just scratching the surface. Get the detailed info behind each of these so you can become a Savvy Seller.

Residential Real Estate’s TOP 3 BIG MYTHS for Home Sellers


I. Commissions are NOT negotiable.

II. Real Estate Listing Contracts must be 6-months or more in length.

III. The Listing Contract cannot be Terminated by YOU.

In the real world of residential real estate there is far TOO LITTLE emphasis on the real numbers by the Industry

Barry Miller

on the Real Estate Industry

The BIG Mistakes Home Sellers MAKE

* And should NOT ever make again; EVER!

  1. NOT carefully selecting/hiring the BEST REAL ESTATE SELLER AGENT FOR YOU.
  2. NOT having a detailed, written Marketing Plan in Your House Listing Contract.
  3. Not negotiating a flexible commission.
  4. NOT developing your financial “net proceeds” level as Home Seller.
  5. Listing Your House as if it is the Taj Mahal.

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